We’ll Help You Turn Your Smile Up A Notch

We’ll Help You Turn Your Smile Up A Notch

We’ll Help You Turn Your Smile Up A Notch

At Downsview Park Dental Clinic, we’ve helped many patients achieve a more beautiful smile with our convenient cosmetic options.

Over the years, we’ve seen, first-hand, how much of a difference a more brilliant smile can make in someone’s life. From gaining self-confidence to sharing joy with those you love to nailing your job interview, it’s value cannot be underestimated.

In this blog, we’ll share with you some of the options we offer as your cosmetic dentist in North York.

  1. Bonding and veneers. These fast and easy treatments make it possible to change the appearance of your teeth while maintaining a natural look. In just one visit, we can repair worn, chipped, or cracked teeth. With bonding, a tooth-coloured material allows us to eliminate gaps between teeth. Veneers are super-thin shells that are strong, stain-resistant, and cover flaws while reflecting like natural tooth enamel.
  2. Teeth whitening. Many of our patients seek a brighter smile – that’s why we offer take-home and in-office teeth whitening in North York. We recommend this option instead of over-the-counter products … the results are more dazzling (up to eight shades whiter!), and we will monitor your progress throughout. It’s the safe and effective way of turning your smile up a notch!
  3. Dental implants. If you’re missing teeth, this could be your best choice for restoring your smile. Dental implants in North York are strong, long-lasting, will improve appearance and function, and prevent bone loss – which can result in an aged appearance before your time. This treatment can be used for one or several teeth. (Dr. Mohammed is skilled in cosmetic options, as well as periodontics and oral surgery. While studying at the University of Toronto, she was awarded “most outstanding student in prosthodontics.”)

Are you a good candidate for these cosmetic options? Once you complete our patient intake form, we will arrange a free consultation for you. One of our doctors will review your medical history, examine your smile, and provide complete details about the options you’re interested in. We want to help your smile stand out, but also do what’s best for your oral health.

Call now! And … take advantage of free take-home whitening when you book an exam, x-rays, and cleaning. We look forward to helping you achieve an outstanding smile … and keep it that way!